Presenting StraightWay

Have you heard? The team that has traveled and performed for thousands of students all over Texas for over 20 years, is growing and expanding, as they now travel to other cities and states in the US, as well as Europe. StraightWay, named the largest and most effective drug prevention organization in the state, is reaching out and networking with other organizations to help spread their message. The StraightWay team consists of 8-10 talented young people who use music, drama, comedy and personal stories to bring this life-changing message to the world. Offering a large menu of services, they address and may emphasize a variety of issues and topics from drugs and violence to teen leadership skills. The team is able to captivate every audience like no other, as they relate to young people on all levels, making it a fun, exciting and touching experience (Click on "thumbnail" to see full photo)

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StraightWay is a non-profit (501-C-3) organization governed by a national Board of Directors, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston. StraightWay is supported and dependent upon freewill gift
s. Your contributions are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.




"I commend the
StraightWay team of performers for your efforts to promote drug prevention and treatment in Texas public schools... you help improve [children's] chances for success in life."

- President George W. Bush
(as Former Governor of the State of Texas)

"...StraightWay's message and delivery is truly awe inspiring. In my 15 years as executive director of a prevention coalition, StraightWay is locally the single most requested school assembly by teachers, administrators, and parents as well as by students of all age levels."
-Sharon Kroncke
Executive Director, Drug Free Greenville